Brief Comment on my Political Vision for Alberta

My overall view of politics in Alberta is that government should play a strong role in developing the competitiveness of Alberta and all Albertans within the global economy. I also would like to see the future of Alberta bring a stronger, more vibrant democracy to our province.
As a School Trustee, I strongly support the role that our education system plays within my vision. This would include investment in our Universities and other post secondary institutions to promote, improve, and provide opportunity for innovation & long-term job diversification. Further, an emphasis on thoughtful development/management of resources & other business ventures.
At the School Board level, boards must be vigilant to ensure that education evolves to prepare our student for entry into a global workforce. It demands that we constantly examine and apply best practices. Further, it requires that students are given full opportunity to learn in atmospheres that embrace technology, allow for collaboration, provide necessary supports and resources such that we meet individual student needs to maximize learning outcomes. Success here is mandatory to transition into a knowledge based economy and critical for the long term economic sustainability in this province.

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