A Few Comments on the Premier’s Address

Although I respect the Premier immensely as a person, I am a dismayed by some comments in his Address to Rotary as found in the link below.  The Premiers address appears to me, to lack depth and consequently a vision by Government necessary for strong economic growth.  Economic diversity requires several elements, the first being an investment in Education, at all levels.  Education continues to be severely underfunded
at this time.  Consequently it is hard to believe that the government is positioning Alberta to be a competitive and strong economic force as they look to the future.  Not unique to education, any strategy for economic diversification must be coupled with the adequate, predictable and sustainable financial support to achieve its long term vision.  This will be critical to Alberta’s success over the next several decades.
Further, in making a vision for future generations, we must move beyond a resource based economy as it is no longer sufficient, particularly in a global marketplace.  Unfortunately, the vision as stated in this address continues to build on capacity only from a resource basis.  We must transition to a knowledge based economy if we are to build a stronger, vibrant and more diverse economy for younger generations.
Finally, I can’t help but make a comment on the Premiers references to continued value and investment for Alberta’s Infrastructure .  Yes, it is true that infrastructure projects committed to  in the recent past are underway.  However, it is also important to preserve those investments over the long term. Infrastructure funding in this province has been & continues to fall below standard industry guidelines necessary to adequately maintain these investments.
Below is a link to the Premier’s Address to Rotary.  Curious about your thoughts?


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