Recent article submission

As a member of the Catholic community I have experienced the value of Catholic education, as a student myself and through my own children. I want to continue to use my vision and leadership abilities as Trustee to ensure that Catholic education remains viable for future generations and that the message of Christ is permeated throughout the district. Trustees need to be diligent in ensuring that this right continues to be protected in legislation. I worked extensively to ensure that the constitutional rights afforded to Catholics in Alberta would continue to be upheld in the new Education Act. Catholic Education is a precious gift.

As Trustee for Ward 76, I have always taken a position as a fiscal conservative with a focus on board transparency and community engagement. . Along these lines, I have made several motions that have supported this position. I have been passionate on issues of infrastructure and fought hard to see a school for the Windermere area moved to number one on our capital plan and a school for the Heritage Valley community added to that same plan. In keeping with this urgent requirement for new infrastructure, I am working with my MLA to co present to caucus the needs in our Ward for at least two new schools, primarily in the Windermere and Heritage valley area. Also of concern is, student health, social justice, and meeting the needs of our diverse student body. Again, I have been tireless in this area, sitting on numerous committees to drive change with respect to reducing duplications in services, increasing awareness on matters of health, increasing access to services to improve outcomes and to build system capacity. I have brought many innovative partnerships to the district to streamline costs while improving outcomes.

Given tightening budgets, I will continue to advance partnerships in areas of technology, staff faith formation, professional development and to create infrastructure efficiencies. I will continue to create strong, innovative policy that serves stakeholders in effective and productive ways and that, at its core maintains a defined strategic direction that results in leading practices.

As I seek your support, I will continue to use experience, energy, passion and creative thinking to grow and improve on what we have. I am proud of the quality and dedication of our staff and the achievements of our students at ECSD and will continue to work diligently in supporting them.

Please view my website to see the many policies I have put in place that echo my commitment to Trusteeship, my desire to serve and that have positively impacted learning in my ongoing effort to serve those who have bestowed this great honour and responsibility onto me.

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2 Responses to Recent article submission

  1. Nancy Muzyka says:

    You have worked tirelessly to support our children…thank you!

  2. Niranjala says:

    we appreciate your honesty and dedication to work

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