About Me


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As a graduate of the University of Alberta, I have obtained a Bachelor Degree in Science and Education certification.  Continuing in my belief of life-long learning I am midway through my Masters in Public Health.  Combined with financial and risk management training through the University of Toronto, experience in policy and governance, I am committed to using my education, experience, energy and passion to continue in my efforts to lead progressive change in education for the students of Edmonton Catholic Schools.  Additionally, I will continue to advocate and support district initiatives aimed at building capacity to create a shared vision as we embark on educational reforms that will prepare students for success in the 21st Century.

Prior to Trusteeship, my career path included:

  • Owner operator of a small construction business, Edmonton/St. Albert.
  • Chemistry instructor, NAIT
  • Diabetes research assistant, University of Alberta.

In the role of elected Trustee, recent work included such things as, a call for mandatory vaccinations against major child preventable diseases such as measles and mumps; age appropriate curriculum to teach ALL Alberta students how to identify and report sexual abuse; recommendations to the Ministry (based on a global scan of best practices) to enhance mental health and emotional well-being in students; call for mental health and fentanyl information sessions for parents and students; partnerships with Reboks Canada and the University of Waterloo to enhance physical activity opportunities for children; financial literacy curriculum; advocacy for strong and meaningful LGBTQ policy.