About Me


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Serving as your Trustee for another term has been a honour, allowing me to continue with many initiatives.  I am proud of what I have accomplished on behalf of ward 76 and the greater school community.  As I have always maintained, when Boards, employees and community work together, great things can happen.  I am still committed to this focus and believe that Edmonton Catholic has become the system to beat.

I am one of seven children born to devout Catholic parents and the mother of two wonderful boys.  As a child, my family’s commitment to Catholicity in the home, as well as, my participation in Catholic Schools and church set my own spiritual path in motion and allowed me to see the importance of faith in my daily life. Fundamental to Edmonton Catholic Schools is our faith.  We must continue with a vision of promoting Catholic values as part of educating the whole child.

As a graduate of the University of Alberta, I have obtained a Bachelor Degree in Science and Education certification.  Continuing in my belief of life-long learning I am midway through my Masters in Public Health.  Combined with financial and risk management training through the University of Toronton, experience in policy and governance, I am committed to using my education, experience, energy and passion to continue in my efforts to lead progressive change in education for the students of Edmonton Catholic Schools.  Additionally, I will continue to advocate and support district initiatives aimed at building capacity to create a shared vision as we embark on educational reforms that will prepare students for success in the 21st Century.

Prior to Trusteeship, my career path included:

  •  Owner operator of a small construction business, Edmonton/St. Albert.
  • Chemistry instructor, NAIT.
  • Mathematics teacher, Loudon County, VA.
  • Diabetes research assistant, University of Alberta.

I will continue in my efforts to strengthen ties with the families of Ward 76.  Your voice will continue to play a significant role in my day to day activities.  I am excited to continue on with the workshops that I hosted for the families of Ward 76 in  past this past year.  As a first of its kind, sessions were offered to families on the following: Fentanyl awareness, Student Mental Health, Grant Writing and Accessing Scholarships.  The turnout was tremendous.  I will be soliciting feedback for future session topics and hope to make these forums a quarterly event in my ongoing efforts to strengthen community ties.
I am also pleased to see that my continued efforts to move Board business into the public realm have come to fruition.  As a strong advocate for transparency and meaningful community engagement this move was long overdue.   Several of my motions including one that has seen the district live stream board business supports this belief that community engagement is of utmost importance to the overall success of any school system. I will continue in my efforts to strengthen ties with the families of Ward 76.
Ensuring quality education means your Trustee is engaged, action oriented, innovative and has the courage to lead meaningful change. The status quo is never enough, particularly in this new global and financially restricted marketplace.  All in all, you can expect that I will continue to use my knowledge and experience in governance and policy, my excellent working relationship with colleagues and other elected officials, particularly MLAs, to ensure that Edmonton Catholic remains the system to beat.  When issues arise, I have been and will continue to be successful in collaborating with stakeholders, community, the Superintendent, City Councilors and MLAs to find solutions to the challenges that arise.